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2024 Pagan / Wiccan Calendar

January 2024

  • January 6: – celebrates the Goddess in Her triplicate form.
  • January 11: in Capricorn – a time to set attainable goals, form concrete plans for the future, and meditate on the meaning of responsibility and all that it entails for you. Exact time: 6:58 a.m. EST
  • January 14: Thorrablot – Norse/Heathen celebration honoring Thor, God of Thunder
  • January 18: Day of – in celebration of the Great Goddess who Shows the Way.
  • January 21: Celtic Tree Month of Rowan begins
  • January 25: in Leo – Exact time: 12:54 p.m. EST
  • January 31: Disablot – Norse celebration of new beginnings

February 2024

  • February 2: (High Winter) – Celebration of the , a celebration of the return of the god and goddess and a time of cleansing and purification.
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Lammas or Lughnasadh – The grain harvest at the end of summer)
  • February 9: New Moon in Aquarius – reflect on your contribution to society, exercise your creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and tap into your sense of empathy by nurturing your relationships, reaching out to family and friends, and finding ways to make contributions to your community. Exact time: 6:00 p.m. EST
  • February 15: Lupercalia – dedicated to purification, good health, and fertility.
  • February 18: Celtic Tree Month of Ash begins
  • February 24: in Virgo – Exact time: 7:31 a.m. EST
  • February 28: Cake Day – a day to offer cakes to deities and .

March 2024

  • March 1: Matronalia – ancient festival of Juno, the birth goddess.
  • March 10: New Moon in Pisces – tap into your intuition, develop your psychic abilities, or practice your penchant for astral projection by tapping into the power of dreamy, mysterious Pisces. Exact time: 5:02 a.m.
  • March 17: – a day celebrating the patron saint of Ireland.
  • March 18: Celtic Tree Month of Alder begins.
  • March 19-21: – a celebration of fertility and the Goddess of Spring.
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Mabon – The Autumn Equinox)
  • March 25: in – Exact time: 3:01 a.m. EST
  • March 25: Lady Day – honoring the Crone and the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.

April 2024

  • April 1: Day – celebrates the God of Chaos Energy.
  • April 8: New Moon in Aries – express yourself through a meditative creative task, allowing yourself to release negativity, assess your emotions, and practice shadow work while manifesting a positive outcome. Exact time: 2:23 p.m. EST
  • April 8: visible across North America.
  • April 15: Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins
  • April 15: Sigrblot/Sumarsdag – Norse celebration of the first day of summer in Scandinavian countries
  • April 22: Earth Day – Honoring Gaia
  • April 23: Festival of the Greenman – in honor of the .
  • April 23: in Scorpio – Exact time: 7:51 p.m. EST
  • April 25: Floralia/Spring Festival – a union of the and the .
  • April 30: May Eve or Rhiannon’s Day
  • April 30: – an annual convergence of witches, practitioners, and covens.

May 2024

  • May 1: – an ancient pagan festival of fire celebrating the divine union of .
  • (Southern Hemisphere: – the Witches’ New Year)
  • May 7: New Moon in Taurus – reflect on your personal belongings, your surroundings, and what makes a home special to you. Assess how your environment could better fulfill your personal needs and take those steps to make your house into a home. Exact time: 11:24 p.m. EST
  • May 13: Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins
  • May 15: Buddha Day – a day set aside by Buddhists to celebrate the birth of Buddha.
  • May 23: in Sagittarius – Exact time: 9:55 a.m. EST
  • May 28: Feast of Bendidia – a celebratory feast homage to the Goddess of the Moon and the .

June 2024

  • June 6: New Moon in Gemini – reflect on your communication and social skills by taking time to truly listen without interrupting or simply waiting for your turn to talk. Journaling about your shadow work is a great opportunity to delve deeper into a topic while honing these communication skills. Exact time: 8:40 a.m. EST
  • June 10: Celtic Tree Month of Oak begins
  • June 20-21: – this celebration of Summer, also called Summer’s Gate, represents the surrender to darkness and the days grow shorter and the nights ever longer.
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Yule – The Winter Solstice)
  • June 21: in Capricorn – Exact time: 9:10 p.m. EST
  • June 23: Day of the Lady & Lord of the Sidhe – reveling in and otherworldly aspects of the divine.
  • June 24: Day of – perfect for cleansing and rededicating your or household shrines.

July 2024

  • July 1: Crone Day – celebrating the Crone, Old Mother Nature, and Father Time.
  • July 5: New Moon in Cancer – This new Moon calls for deep shadow work embracing your vulnerabilities and learning from your deepest desires and wounds. Exact time: 6:59 p.m. EST
  • July 8: Celtic Tree Month of Holly begins
  • July 21: in Capricorn – Exact time: 6:19 a.m EST
  • July 21: Witch’s Day – a day to celebrate the craft in all its forms.

August 2024

  • August 1: – commemorating the year’s first harvest of grain.
  • August 4: New Moon in Leo – This new Moon presents an opportunity to build self-confidence and creativity. Do something you’ve always dreamed of that has scared you away. What’s keeping you from achieving your wildest dreams? Exact time: 7:14 a.m. EST
  • August 5: Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins
  • August 19: in Aquarius – Exact time: 2:28 p.m. EST
  • August 21: Festival of – an invocation of the goddess Hecate to protect the harvest.
  • August 23: Vulcanalia – Roman Festival

September 2024

  • September 2: New Moon in Virgo – a time to invest in serious self-work, create routines, and lay the groundwork for lasting self-improvement. Perform shadow work to understand how to address the areas in which you are lacking. Exact time: 9:56 p.m. EST
  • September 2: Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins
  • September 13: Fire Lighting Ceremony – a candle-lit vigil honoring the .
  • September 17: in Pisces – Exact time: 10:36 p.m. EST
  • September 21-22: – another crucial harvest date, Mabon represents a time of balance and harmony, where day and night are both equal.
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Ostara – the Spring Equinox)
  • September 21: Feast of the Guardian Spirits – a celebration in honor of our many .
  • September 30: Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begins

October 2024

  • October 2: New Moon in Libra – for performing shadow work on your deepest relationships, examining your capacity for empathy, and learning how to be more graceful and harmonious when interacting with others – particularly those you love. Exact time: 2:50 p.m. EST
  • October 2: visible in South America.
  • October 3: Roman Festival of Bacchus – God of vegetation and wine
  • October 17: in Aries – Exact time: 7:27 a.m. EST
  • October 18: Great Horn Festival – invocation of the Horned God and Lady of the Wood.
  • October 28: Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins
  • October 31: – Sabbat of death and rebirth, occurs at a magical time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Beltane – a feast of fire and fertility)
  • October 31: Winter Nights/Vetrablot – Norse celebration of the arrival of winter

November 2024

  • November 1: Cailleach’s Reign – Day of the Banshees
  • November 1: New Moon in Scorpio – delve deep into shadow work, examining negative, compulsive, or addictive behaviors and learning what lies at the root of destructive behaviors. Process emotions that you normally push aside because they make you feel uncomfortable. This is where the real work gets done. Exact time: 8:48 a.m. EST
  • November 15: in Taurus –Exact time: 4:29 p.m. EST
  • November 16: Night of Hecate
  • November 19: International Men’s Day
  • November 22: Night of Shiva
  • November 25: Celtic Tree Month of Elder begins
  • November 29: Feast of Hathor

December 2024

  • December 1: New Moon in Sagittarius – embrace the concepts of courage, understanding, and awareness. Spend time meditating in nature or exploring the world to see it from another’s point of view. Exact time: 1:22 a.m. EST
  • December 15: Full Cold Moon in Gemini – Exact time: 4:02 a.m. EST
  • December 21: Yule (Winter Solstice) – a Winter festival celebrating the return of light after a long period of darkness.
  • December 23: Celtic Tree Month of Birch begins
  • December 24: Holly Eve – the Holly King departs, leaving gifts for children
  • December 25: Oak Day – the birth of the Oak King
  • December 30: New Moon in Capricorn – Exact time: 5:27 p.m. EST
  • December 31: Hogmanay – New Year’s Eve; the Crone prepares to depart.